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Hi, thanks for stopping by!

My name is JP Bradham (if you couldn't tell by my website already), I'm an LA based Producer with experience across commercial, television and feature film projects. In my spare time I like to write and make films that allow me to express the strange ideas I've had swimming around in my head since I was a kid. 

In my prior professional life I had a good run in marketing writing copy, working with teams to build the voice of brands and creating content that translated into business growth. I've found that my transition into the film industry was an easy one that allowed me to not only create the idea for the campaign but see it brought to life.

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I always loved telling stories, having my first experience with the joy of making films on my 10th birthday, when I got the camcorder I begged my mom for (which meant I went from forcing my brothers to be in my plays to forcing them to be in my movies).

Although I went to school for architectural design (that never amounted to anything) I would find myself on many different paths that finally led to a career in marketing. It was after writing copy for so many years and creating content for the corporate world that I found myself landing a gig at Banks Films working under Director Sophia Banks, starting in the commercial department. It was here that I realized that what I used to do for fun could be what I did for work. Pretty cool, huh?

I've been lucky to work with some amazing clients over the years including Kylie and Kendall Jenner, Sofia Vergara, Nickelodeon, Target, Vocal Mist and Altair Beauty ranging from online media assets to large scale National and International commercials. I later produced several short film projects that screened at festivals like Tribeca and Oscar Qualifying Hollyshorts Film Festival (we even sold one of them to Anonymous Content as a TV show) before working on television and feature film projects, learning from some incredible creatives along the way while working with top talent in their respective field.


I became inspired to develop my voice and foundation as a writer which has always been the common through line to anything I was passionate about. I was selected for the first Sundance Co//ab for screenplay writing, attending four courses over a span of two years. I became obsessed with the process and eager to expand my knowledge and craft and decided to enroll with the UCLA Extension Certification program for screenplay writing.


With a (sick) love for the horror genre, I made my directorial debut for narrative work with "Consumed", a short satirical horror film starring Georgina Reilly. "Consumed" is a project with a message of the insidious nature of consumerism, asking the question: are we buying from a corporation or is a corporation buying us? We took it out on the film festival circuit and some people liked it, even gave it a few awards along the way.


I have a passion for using horror as a vehicle for telling stories related to social issues in a subverted way, touching on topics that are already horrifying and amplifying those messages. Some of my work was even apparently decent enough to be featured in publications such as Horror Buzz, Nightmares Magazine, Indie Wrap and Deadline. My hope is that even if you don't like my work as much as those people did, it always makes you think about things the way I do: a little funny, scary at times and never as it seems.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's talk.

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