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How To Have It All

I like to talk to people, a lot. As much as I can and to as many people as I can. I like to get to know them and I like to talk about what their goals are in life. Many people might answer: a mansion, millions of dollars, fame.

While all of those things sound really great, it leads to another question: how?

How are you going to get the mansion and the millions of dollars and the fame? It's a fair question and it's one that usually puts people into a confused state. The short of it is, they don't really know.

And do you want to know a secret? They probably never will.

Not saying that I do but I will say that it got me thinking about what it means to have something. I guess I never thought of my life in a way of "measurements". I don't tell myself "when I have _____ in my bank account, I'll be happy" or "when I lose 20 pounds, I'm going to live the life I really want to live". Because what I want isn't really material to begin with.

But, let's say for argument's sake, it was.

I thought about that - okay, if I really wanted something at the end of all of this, what would I need to do? I would need to get working. And what would I work at? I would work at something that gave me purpose.

That solved it for me. And I think it's something so simplistic that it should be able to solve what success means to us. It's as simple as knowing who we are and what we are meant to do. What we have as a result is what we are meant to have and what we were always meant to have, in my opinion.

To me, that is success.

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